Carving their own path at ATAPCO

What’s it like having a teenager in the workplace? For the supervisors at ATAPCO, a Baltimore-based real estate development company, having a high school intern from Cristo Rey Jesuit has brought new energy and perspective to their team.

Since the 2014-2015 school year, ATAPCO has employed Cristo Rey Jesuit students as a sponsor in the school’s Corporate Internship Program.

Last year, senior Destiny Johnson worked with the acquisitions and development department and filled in over the summer for a full-time administrative employee while she was on maternity leave. This year, her internship assignment is with ATAPCO’s marketing department, writing her own article, “Intern Talk, in their employee newsletter. She also interviews employees for the newsletter’s Q &A segment, “Get to Know Your Teammates.”

Destiny Johnson blog for Atapco
An example of Destiny’s work for ATAPCO

ATAPCO launched a new website this fall, and Destiny helped to write the biographies for the executives and staff. Her projects for this semester include website maintenance, social media, photography editing, and learning to write press releases.

Cristo Rey Jesuit’s students “have goals and an open mind,” Jennifer Williams, an ATAPCO administrative assistant who works with CRJ students, said. “They are accepting of a wide range of challenges and/or tasks which I strongly believe will offer a wide range of opportunity in their future. I believe they are carving their own path, chipping away at each learning opportunity. They can be proud of themselves – after all it’s the choice they make every day.”

After Destiny mentioned that she was considering majoring in marketing in college, ATAPCO supervisors decided it was important for her to get involved in their marketing department.

“Five years ago, no one had even heard of “Pinterest” or “Houzz” or other social media forums that are now commonplace,” Amanda Reed, ATAPCO’s marketing and business development director, said. “As we move forward, things are only going to continue to change, and at a much faster pace. It is important for the tech savvy generation to understand the impact marketing has on their lives, their purchases, and their careers. There are jobs that will exist by the time they are out of college that don’t exist today, and because of that, it is helpful to get a solid foundation of marketing principles.”

For more information about Cristo Rey Jesuit High School’s Corporate Internship Program, visit the school’s website.





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