Our juniors’ special day

These remarks were made at today’s Junior Ring Ceremony by junior class adviser, Ms. Jennifer Ewing.

We have come to a special time for the Class of 2017 at Cristo Rey.  A time where you are granted the rite of passage as an upperclassman by receiving your class ring.


On its own, this ring is nothing but metal, but with the insignia of CRJ and the personal engraving on the inside band, it has now become a unique manifestation of a larger whole. It represents your ability to survive high school, your commitment to justice, your openness to personal and spiritual growth, your loving nature, your success in the workplace, and your intellectual competence.

A class ring is a sign of honor and achievement, given to juniors to signify that you are a part of something bigger. You are now bound to the CRJ family in a way that no one can ever take from you. By wearing this ring, all 91 of you are acknowledging this new bond you share with each other, and which each alumnus of the school passes down to you. The precious value of this ring comes from the hard work it took for you to reach this moment, and signifies what more you have to do as you continue on the path towards your college graduation.


This ring identifies your belonging to Cristo Rey, but it also comes with a responsibility to your classmates. It is a physical reminder to be kind to each other, and accept one another in your differences as well as your similarities. Each time you slip this ring on your finger, it may remind you of something different from your experiences. Perhaps it will be a joke you shared with someone during lunch, or the time you did something you thought you could never do.


If you are like me, you will wear your high school class ring for many years because it is a reminder of this special time. A time when your future is nothing but possibility. You are at the beginning of your story, one that gets written with each choice you make and each opportunity you grab hold of.

But never forget that your CRJ family is always here to support you, you have chosen a special high school that holds their alumni in the highest esteem. We work you hard here, because we know that you are capable and remarkable individuals.


So today and everyday, we celebrate you, the Class of 2017. We celebrate all that you have done to reach this moment and all that you will continue to achieve. We wish you the greatest blessings as you receive your rings, and remind you that your CRJ family loves you, today and forever.



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