Let’s have a picnic!

For the second year in a row, Cristo Rey Jesuit’s parent association threw us a picnic, which we enjoyed one day in May before our seniors left us and exams had been taken. The picnic was held at one of our favorite places — Utz Twardowicz Field in Patterson Park. And it was a beautiful day.

We got to hang out with friends.

And a few of our alumni!

We played soccer, football, and dodgeball, as well as ran races. Our faculty and staff even challenged the CRJ softball team to a game. It didn’t look so promising for the teachers and their teammates as they trailed the Lady Hornets in the first part of the game. But they came back and won the match-up.

We needed a little of this.


And some of that.


In high school, students often find that life can tug them in different directions. It can be good to take a break from the day-to-day academic rigors and get pulled toward fun.

So, thank you, parents, for cooking for us,


for letting us be silly,


and for giving us this day in the park.


We are very grateful!



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