With legions

This week, four students and one teacher from Cristo Rey Jesuit are visiting important sites in the history of our nation’s civil rights movement. Here is the second dispatch from that trip.

Today we attended church at the one of the most important, if not already one of the top churches in history, Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Sitting in church and hearing the Word kindled a light of fire in me to be about change in the world, and not to just sit by and complain.

The church poured information, like water in cup, into each individual. Most people think church is only a place for praise. But it is also a place that moves people to make a change, like it did with us.

Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta
Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta

After church, we met someone very influential in the civil rights movement, Mr. Andrew Young (pastor, civil rights activist, and former mayor of Atlanta). It was an honor to be in his presence and we were like little kids listening to the teacher tell a story. Mr. Young gave very interesting insights into the life of the civil rights movement.

Mr. Young also gave us this idea that we can change the world if we just try. While with Mr. Young, he taught us a song that we can sing when we get scared for feel discouraged – “I got a feeling everything’s gonna be alright.” This song motivated all of us to come home and to change our community.

After this, I walked along the same path as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We went to the new and the old Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dr. King’s and Coretta Scott King’s final resting place, and Dr. King’s childhood home.

It was just such an amazing sight to see, and I absorbed it all like a sponge.

– Amber Smiley, Class of 2015




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