Snapshot of a graduate

WHO: Kendra Jacobs

WHERE: This photo was taken on Saturday, Dec. 13 (a.k.a. 12/13/14), the day Kendra graduated magna cum laude from Delaware State University with a bachelor’s degree in movement science. She earned the highest GPA in her major.

Kendra Jacobs, CRJ '11, Delaware State '14
Kendra Jacobs, CRJ ’11, Delaware State ’14

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW HER NAME: We are a young school, and our first class of seniors graduated from Cristo Rey Jesuit in 2011 — only a mere 3 1/12 years ago. This makes Kendra our first graduate to earn a four-year college degree, and she did it with a semester to spare. A first generation college student, Kendra took summer classes and 17-credits-per-semester course loads so she could graduate early and get started on graduate school. She hopes to attend University of Maryland and earn a master’s degree in physical therapy.

WHY SHE LOVES CRJ: “I was first introduced to Delaware State University in Cristo Rey’s college counseling class. It was then that I decided to do my research on the school and absolutely loved it. Both of the college counselors helped to make the application process as easy as possible. Without them, I wouldn’t have understood all that was necessary for applying to college. They guided me through every step, and together they made the entire process easy and stress free. What I loved the most is that their help did not stop after I applied. Once I had been accepted they continued to support me, educate me on the college transition, and they made sure that I was prepared for the college experience.”

WORK IT: My first year of high school was the first year of Cristo Rey Jesuit. We were the only class back then. The one thing I remember most is how excited we all were for the one thing that made us different than all other high schools, going to work! There were four different sections of 9th graders and we all worked on different days of the week. Prior to our job placement we filled out a survey based on our interests and that is how they placed us. For instance, I put that I was interested and sports and I loved to work with children so I was placed at the Y of Central Maryland. My work day was Monday and I looked forward to every Monday because it wasn’t just a day off from actual school work or a day of working, it was the day I got to do what I love, helping children. Going to the Y every Monday was so exciting that it didn’t feel like work at all and it’s just a little hard to describe, but it’s just an amazing opportunity that I got to enjoy thanks to Cristo Rey.

HORNETS FOREVER: “Delaware State University’s mascot is also the hornets. Their colors are blue and red, though. This photo is of me working one of the football games as a student athletic trainer. As a student trainer we got to tape the athletes, stretch them before practices and games, keep them hydrated during games, and help guide the injured athletes through their rehab processes. I would have to say that interning at the university’s athletic training room was my favorite thing about college. I got to work with the football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, equestrian, golf, tennis, bowling, track and field, and cheerleading teams.”

Kendra Jacobs

“The experience was beyond amazing, because not only did I get a hands-on experience of what I learned in the classroom, but I also got to travel the country with the sports teams and experience the reality of being a collegiate level athletic trainer, which in a way prepared me for physical therapy school.”



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