Why Tuesday is my favorite day

by Gregory Jones, CRJ senior

I can’t wait until the second day of the week comes around. I’m so over Monday. I’m ready for Tuesday.

Every Tuesday I report to a compact building between two popular restaurants in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The third floor is the home of CyberPoint International, my corporate internship job that is through my high school’s work study program. Small cubicle desks filled with intellectual people greet me, and I am lucky to spend Tuesdays learning from them. My day is an adventure at CyberPoint – I never know what to expect at work.

I slowly and proudly walk into my boss’s office, not knowing if I’m going to be building a gaming computer or researching anti-virus software. I begin to write as he talks, and ask questions over and over.

Greg is currently researching wireless options for some of CyberPoint's office space.
Greg is currently researching wireless options for some of CyberPoint’s office space.

When my boss and I are working on a prestigious project, I know the first thing I must do is to research and start jotting down ideas to begin the project. I remembered when my boss and I created a short wave regenerative receiver radio that can connect to any local radio station. I used a 400-degree Fahrenheit solder machine to melt components to a radio motherboard. I then created a short, wired motherboard with an intel memory chip, and a seven-volt battery that my boss and I used to build a remote control car. I felt the anticipation rushing through my blood vessels. I knew I was on the right path to pursue my career.

I’m able to spend my Tuesday working on an intensive project that can help me focus on particular majors, such as computer science, computer engineering, civil engineering, and software development. Sometimes, my boss and I chat about profound experiences throughout his lifetime working with technology. He also invites me to meetings about Cyber security as a spectator, and I observe and ask questions and share my opinions and ideas at the meeting.

From all the intensive projects I have worked on and the intense meetings, I usually go out to eat on my lunch break. I have a lady at the front desk who recommends different restaurants to eat at every Tuesday. Sometimes on my break, we may grab some iced coffee at Panera Bread or go to Chipotle. I can sit down and talk to her about issues I’m dealing with at school or at work. We also exchange ideas about my current project and come up with solutions. I know I belong at CyberPoint, and I want to stay.

When I was placed at CyberPoint, I was excited because I knew that technology is something I would love to pursue as a career. Most of my friends call me a “nerd,” because during my free time at home, I spend hours exploring the internet and how to fix phones, computers, and game consoles. CyberPoint gives me hands-on opportunities to explore the technology industry. My job helped me build my first gaming computer and understand the basic level of different components in a computer. I’m grateful for CyberPoint for giving me the opportunity to learn about the technology industry and to use what I learned one day in college.

I can’t tell where my journey will end, but I know where to start.

In addition to working at CyberPoint, Gregory Jones is also a peer minister at CRJ. Last year, he was named Employee of the Year for the Junior Class.




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